Medical consent made easy

Explaining the risks of medical procedures to patients can be challenging.

Yet robust informed medical consent is a fundamental requirement of ethical medical practice. No matter what type of procedure you’re providing, from the simplest blood test to the most complex surgical procedure, the same medical consent principles apply.

That’s where MedConsent comes in.

MedConsent: an easy to use online medical consent tool

MedConsent is an integrated online consent tool that unites all professional requirements into one simple, easy to use, patient-friendly process.

It was developed by a team of clinical and medico-legal advisors to improve the consenting experience for both healthcare professionals and patients.

MedConsent ensures patients are well informed of risks, potential complications, side effects and costs prior to medical procedures in the language and level of health literacy that best meet their needs.

The MedConsent online medical consent tool helps healthcare professionals deliver best-practice informed medical and financial consent.

Safeguarding professional compliance

Designed by medical professionals with input from legal, health literacy and translation experts, MedConsent:

  • standardises the medical consent process
  • incorporates informed financial consent in one process
  • is tailored to individual medical specialties and procedures
  • safeguards professional compliance
  • ensures patients are well informed of risks and costs

See how it works.

High quality medical consent systems and materials – reviewed and maintained by clinical and medico-legal experts – protect your reputation, foster improved communication with your patients and ensure your ongoing ability to practice.

Improving the patient experience

MedConsent provides patients with peer-reviewed, procedure-specific medical consent information presented in simple terms that meets medico-legal and health literacy guidelines (available in different languages).

These materials enable patients to have a good understanding of their forthcoming procedure, reducing the potential for misunderstandings, questions, concerns, anxiety and complaints.

MedConsent assists the medical consent conversation between healthcare professionals and their patients. A well-informed patient is comfortable with their understanding of the risks and benefits of their procedure and experiences an improved peri-operative journey.

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