Consent for Specialists

MedConsent streamlines the process of obtaining patient consent for the medical specialist, using peer written & reviewed content and best practice processes. Our platform is intuitive and easy to use giving more time back to your staff.

Additionally, we at MedConsent are proud to introduce you to our new service, Total Consent Management for your practice where our experienced team are able to assist your practice and manage the end-to-end process of consenting your patients.

Modular System

MedConsent understands each practice is unique and has been designed in a modular format where you decide what modules you require in your practice, modules available include:

  • Pre-Op Information – Automatically send your patient any specific information relevant to the procedure or assessment
  • Patient Medical Information – Allows patients to complete medical questions in their own time, alerting you when a higher risk is identified from the patients’ responses.
  • Financial Consent – This module features specific costs for each procedure, no gap fees or range fees
  • Procedure Risk Consent – Information provided is associated to the medical history of the patient
  • Patient Anxiety Assessment – patient anxiety indicator using the GAD-7 tool
  • Post Operative Information – Automatically delivers post-operative information & follow-up
  • Patient follow-up survey – Patients are given the opportunity to answer survey questions on their experience. This offers the specialist CPD points under self-reflection criteria

No Cost 2 Month Trial

MedConsent are offering a 2 month free trial where our experienced team will manage the end-to-end consenting process of your patients. During this time we offer full training to your staff and doctors on the application and our staff are available to your practice and patients for any questions that may arise.

Patient Records Accessible on the Go

MedConsent stores all of your patient consenting records securely in one place – accessible across any device.

You can access your day’s list or an individual patient’s consent details easily over the course of your day, which is important if you are moving between locations. During the trial period our team are available anytime, day or night to assist where needed.

Total Consent Management

MedConsent offers an ongoing management service for specialists who would like for the service to continue after the trial period.

Let us know if you’d like to register your interest in participating in the trial.

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