How the consent to treatment process works for patients

MedConsent provides an easy to use online medical consent process using peer-reviewed, procedure-specific medical consent materials that are compliant with professional codes, legal requirements, government health literacy guidelines and community expectations.

This gives you the opportunity to review information about your forthcoming procedure and any related risks at your own pace at home – where you have the time and opportunity to consider them – away from the time-pressures of the healthcare environment.

MedConsent also enables you to raise questions or concerns prior to the procedure, and for your practitioner to securely reply to them within the consenting platform.

*Note: you can leave and return later to finish completing the form via the same link; data you have entered previously will be saved on MedConsent’s secure server.

Benefits of MedConsent’s online consent process

Our standardised consent information is:

  • written in simple terms so it’s easy to understand
  • available to for you to review and complete online at your leisure, away from the time-pressure of the healthcare setting

Our user-friendly informed consent process is:

  • easy to use, with a speedy set up and intuitive navigation
  • accessible via mobile phone, tablet or desktop
  • interactive, so you can securely send questions to your healthcare provider and they can reply directly to you

Your privacy is assured by:

  • end-to-end data encryption
  • the local storage of data on a secure server
  • compliance with Australian Privacy and health legislation.

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