Enabling consent in medical practice across clinical specialties

MedConsent will offer an end-to-end consenting service to clinicians across a range of specialty areas. Consenting materials for new specialities will be rolled out progressively based during 2019.

Consenting materials are prepared by senior peers within each speciality group, which are reviewed for compliance with health literacy guidelines and then approved by another peer.

The content is reviewed regularly by an expert/peer in the relevant field to ensure that it is compliant and up to date.

MedConsent is also working to give practitioners the option of individualising the information provided to their patients. This will include documentation, internet links and video content.

Register to be advised when MedConsent has a consenting service available in your specialty, or to fast-track materials in a particular specialty area or procedure.

Launch consenting module – Anaesthetics

MedConsent is currently piloting its first module, anaesthetics, in healthcare settings around Australia.

These pilots will continue into early 2019, after which time the service will be available to all anesthetic subscribers Australia-wide.

Let us know if you’d like to register your interest in participating in the trial or an early stage user.

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