Consent service pricing

MedConsent’s simple pricing model allows clinicians to charge per patient consent. This means there are no annual fees or subscriptions for our service – you only pay for the number of procedures for which you obtain consent. One consent = one fee.

Pricing for our service starts at $1.00 per patient consent.

Additional management support options

The MedConsent process starts with your patient being sent an initial text message and link to initiate the online consenting process.

Most clinicians manage this process through their practice management staff. However, if you need additional admin support, MedConsent can manage this process for you.

Please contact us  to request pricing for the service

Billing and payment

For easy and streamlined billing and payment, we can set up a direct debit with you. Alternatively, we can issue monthly, bimonthly or quarterly bills, as agreed.

Contact us if you have any purchase or billing enquiries.

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Contact us if you have any purchase or billing enquiries.
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