Consent for anaesthesia

MedConsent streamlines the process of obtaining patient consent for anaesthesia, using best practice consenting materials and processes.

The law requires anaesthetists to provide informed consent for any anaesthesia that patients may need, including local and general anaesthetics, and pain relief following surgery. This information must be easy for patients to access and understand.

Informed financial consent for anaesthesia

Anaesthetists also have an obligation to ensure that patients have provided informed financial consent and are aware of any out-of-pocket costs associated with their procedure.

MedConsent automatically provides financial consent information to your patient as part of the consenting process, removing the need for you to manage this separately.

Improving patients’anaesthesia consent experience

As part of the consent for anaesthesia, MedConsent enables you to provide your patients with high quality information about their procedure to ensure they feel well informed and assured – improving their pre, intra and post-operative experience.

Patients who feel well informed about their anaesthetic (including costs) are generally less anxious before the procedure and have fewer questions about their anaesthesia for their surgeon and recovery staff.

Medical information at your fingertips

Anaesthetists usually don’t get to meet their patients until just before their procedures, which means they’re often working with minimal medical history.

MedConsent asks patients to provide additional medical information, in line with a set of peer-validated criteria, when they register. This provides you with details you might not overwise receive, which you can review before meeting the patient in the pre-operative setting.

This provides a fuller understanding of possible risks for each patient in relation to their planned anaesthesia and more time to make changes if necessary.

MedConsent also provides visibility of the full day’s patients at a glance, enabling those who might need extra attention to be easily identified.

Patient records accessible on the go

MedConsent stores all of your patient consenting records in one place – accessible across any device.

You can access your day’s list or an individual patient’s consent details easily over the course of your day, which is important if you are moving between locations.

Assistance available to manage your consenting processes

MedConsent requires a small number of emails (or texts) to be sent to patients as part of the anaesthesia consent process.

MedConsent offers an additional management service for anaesthetists who have limited administrative support and would like us to to distribute registration emails to patients on their behalf.

Simple evaluation tracking for CPD

The Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists currently recommends members complete a review of their service as part of ongoing continuing professional development.

MedConsent incorporates the official ANZCA survey questions and collates the answers for export so you can quickly retrieve the data for review with your peers and secure your accredited CPD points.

Join our anaesthetic consent pilot in Australia

MedConsent is currently piloting its anaesthetic consent module in healthcare settings around Australia.

These pilots will continue into early 2020, after which time the service will be available to all anaesthetic subscribers Australia-wide.

Let us know if you’d like to register your interest in participating in the trial or  an early stage user.

Australia’s first online risk assessment tool in anaesthetics – coming soon

MedConsent is also working with clinical experts to develop Australia’s first online risk assessment tool in anaesthetics, which will be able to subscribers as part of the MedConsent anaesthetic consent module.

Register to receive updates on these developments.

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